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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First Ever Home Fertility Test Kit For Couples Now Available From Boots

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(Ireland) First Ever Home Fertility Test Kit For Couples Now Available From Boots
Date: 15/02/2006

Today, with one in six couples experiencing problems conceiving1, Fertell has launched the first home fertility testing kit for both men and women in Ireland. It will be available over-the-counter from Boots stores from today with a recommended retail price of €120.

With age the number one factor affecting fertility, early detection of any potential issue is an important step in helping couples to achieve their dream of having a baby. Currently, couples experiencing difficulties conceiving are advised to wait up to 18 months before undergoing doctor-led tests to pinpoint potential problems. But many people, particularly men, may feel embarrassed about undertaking intimate tests within a clinical environment. As the Fertell testing kit is over 95% accurate it can help couples to take control of their journey, as if the test highlights there is a potential issue, they can take the results of the test straight to their GP.

Trials of the female test have been conducted by Charles Kingsland, Consultant Gynecologist at Liverpool Women’s Hospital who comments: “It’s a breakthrough product that takes the technology from laboratory and brings it to the high street. The important thing to be aware of is that it works differently from anything that is out there currently. For women the device is used in a similar way to a pregnancy test and assesses the quality of the eggs she releases and the result is given in 30 minutes.”

The male test has been developed in conjunction with Professor Chris Barratt of the University of Birmingham who comments: “It takes established technology, usually employed in the laboratory, and embodies that know-how into a simple format. All the man has to do is produce a sample, push a button and twist a switch and he will be able to assess that he has enough sperm that can swim to fertilise an egg. He will get the results in about one hour. Fifty per cent of all cases of infertility are due to male factors and this test can indicate early on if there is potentially a problem with the man that indicates the couple should seek advice. This is particularly important given that many couples are choosing to defer childbearing until later in life.”

For detailed information on how Fertell works, please refer to the enclosed fact sheet and background documents on the male and female test.

From January 2006, Fertell offers a free telephone information service, 1800 882 367, staffed by qualified nurses and is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am 4pm. This service offers helpful and pragmatic advice related to the product, how to run the tests and what the next steps are to gain the best help possible to assist couples in their fertility journey. A website is also available and provides relevant information and helpful advice for both healthcare professionals and couples www.fertell.ie.

1 http://www.infertility.ie Accessed Jan 9th 2006

Note to Editors

Professor Chris Barrett of the University of Birmingham will be in Dublin on Wednesday Jan 11th and Thursday 12th and is available for interview. Please call Hill & Knowlton PR on the number below.

For further information on Fertell, please contact:

Eilish Joyce,
Hill & Knowlton,
7 Lower Fitzwilliam Street,
Dublin 2.


t: 01 6626930

Rosaleen O’Shaughnessy
Hill & Knowlton,
7 Lower Fitzwilliam Street,
Dublin 2.

t: 01 6626930

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Good Fertility Guide

Good Fertility Guide

Times Online February 13, 2006

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Making a baby
It's not always easy, but now there is a new product that can help to keep couples informed about their fertility levels

There are many who know that trying to start a family is not always as straight forward as biology lessons would lead us to believe. One in seven couples in the UK experience problems conceiving.

The number of couples who conceive within a few months of trying is low; it is more likely to take up to a year before a woman gets pregnant. Even then, pregnancy is not guaranteed. Many couples find they are still waiting for the patter of tiny feet some 18 months after first dispensing with contraception.

One of the best ways to put a couple’s mind at ease during what can be a stressful and difficult time is knowing their fertility status. A new fertility testing product called Fertell allows couples to asses whether they need further help in the comfort of their own home.

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