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Monday, January 09, 2006

Fertell: A new at-home fertility test for men and women

Fertell: A new at-home fertility test for men and women
Fertell at-home fertility test

A new at-home fertility test for men and women called Fertell goes on sale today in the UK, and is scheduled to be available later this year in the US. Some fertility experts have praised the product, saying that it will help couples identify fertility problems before spending a year trying "fruitlessly" to get pregnant, as many doctors advise.

I think this is a nifty product, but I'm not sure it's worth the hefty price of $140 (£80 in the UK), because you could obtain the same tests at a medical lab for about the same price.

* Female fertility test: A urine test measures the level of FSH hormone. By comparison, the cost for a more exact test in a lab is about $100.
* Male fertility test: A semen test determines if sperm are able to swim through a barrier that simulates the cervix. By comparison, the cost for a complete semen analysis in a lab is about $50.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Home Fertility Test For Couples Goes On Sale

London - The world's first over-the-counter home fertility test for men and women is on sale in Britain and winning praise from a fertility expert, despite its price.

Fertell, developed at the University of Birmingham and Liverpool Women's Hospital and marketed by British fertility tech firm Genosis, promises its male users a 95 percent accurate indication, with an hour, of their sperm count.

"All the man has to do is produce a sample, push a button and twist a switch and he will be able to assess that he has enough sperm that can swim to fertilise an egg," said University of Birmingham professor Chris Barratt.

The one-time test, sold with a companion test for women that gives a result in 30 minutes, will go on sale next Monday through the nationwide Boots pharmacy chain.

'All the man has to do is produce a sample, push a...
Other pharmacies are already selling it.

Until now fertility tests were only for women.

Fertell is not cheap at £79.99 (about R850) per test but a Genosis spokesperson told AFP: "When you think about all the science that's gone into it, it's justifiable."

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Fertell Male Fertility Home Test

Aim Here!Developed by the University of Birmingham in collaboration with London based medical devices company Genosis, this OTC mobile sperm counter will be available in the UK in a matter of days.

From the University of Birmingham press release:

The test works by forcing sperm to swim through a barrier, which mimics the female cervix. The device then measures the number of sperm, which swim beyond this point. By including a barrier, the device is able to accurately measure the concentration of active sperm, which is a key indicator of male fertility. If a high enough level of sperm is present in the sample a red line indicates a positive test.

During the study the team looked at samples from 150 subjects. The test provided an accurate result in 95% of cases, whether the original sample showed a negative or positive test result.

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