Fertell Female & Male Fertility Tests

Thursday, June 07, 2001

New Home Fertility Test Developed

A new home fertility testing kit has been developed and the manufacturers hope to have it on sale without prescription next year. The device, called 'Fertell', takes 40 minutes to test male fertility and 15 minutes to check the fertility of women and is said to be 95% accurate.

The kit, which was developed by fertility specialists at the University of Birmingham, is the first to provide a home fertility test for men. Since an estimated 40% of fertility problems are due to male factors, the device will be the first to offer couples an early indication of the nature of their infertility difficulty, if they have one.

The male test involves placing semen on artificially created cervical mucus which detects active sperm. A sample of over 10 million healthy sperm or more per ml shows up as a red line, indicating normal fertility. The female test measures the level of a hormone that is produced by the ovaries. This gives an indication of the number of eggs being produced and tells whether fertility levels are normal.

In a separate development, scientists have discovered a method that may allow infertile women to become mothers. Experts in reproduction believe that the new technique offers the possibility of solving the last barrier to providing fertility treatment to all - creating a baby using an infertile woman's own genetic material.

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